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The BEST Lightsaber Battle in STAR WARS

Sound off, nerds! We're talking the best lightsaber battle in ALL of Star Wars - movies AND TV shows! Which one do I think is the best? Well, you'll have to watch the latest episode to find out! (Transcript down below) Discuss this episode on the Space Castle Discord! (Patreons get special perks and access to super secret, hidden rooms!) ———— Episode Transcript: Friends, in 1977 a goofy little science-fiction movie came out filled with space wizards and dirty ships […]

todayMay 1, 2023 9

New Episode

The Curious Case of Uwe Boll

In this episode of Space Castle, we take a look back at the wild and crazy story of Uwe Boll, a German filmmaker who held video game movies hostage in the early 2000s! Come along as we explore the strange and bizarre odyssey of Boll, and his one-man war against film critics and fans alike! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE! (Transcript down below) Discuss this episode on the Space Castle Discord! (Patreons get special perks and access to super secret, […]

todayMay 1, 2023 8

New Episode

The Best 80s Cartoon Intros

Welcome to a new era for Space Castle! We've switched from podcast to full-time Youtube channel, and in this inaugural episode, D.T. deep dives into the greatest 1980s cartoon intros! There's a rich history behind the many cartoons created in this era, even if most of them were developed just to sell toys to kids! Come along as D.T. talks about the likes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Jem, Thundercats and more, and what made their intros so special! […]

todayMarch 31, 2023 56

New Podcast Episode

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem Trailer!

D.T. is a lifelong TMNT fanatic! How did the first trailer of Seth Rogen's offering to the franchise stack up against his ridiculously unrealistic expectations? Find out now by listening! Join up on the Space Castle Discord and tell us why Raphael is the best Ninja Turtle! Visit, and learn more about the show! Become part of the crew by joining the Patreon!

todayMarch 8, 2023 10

New REEL DRUNK Episode

Reel Drunk – Episode 13: The Beastmaster

It's time to put on your loincloth, talk to animals and swing a big stick! In this episode of REEL DRUNK, D.T. and Superlaser Seth are drinking their way through the 80s fantasy epic, The Beastmaster! See if they survive this wild, bizarre romp featuring Mark Singer, Rip Torn, Tanya Roberts and more animals tan you can swing a big stick at! WATCH IT NOW! Don't forget to like and subscribe to the channel!

todayMarch 8, 2023 9

New Podcast Episode

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Review!

The latest entry of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is here, and it's kicking off the MCU's fifth phase! D.T. and good friend Superlaser Seth put the film under a microscope and tell you if their hopes for Marvel's next phase are growing or shrinking! And other such puns! Check out the episode HERE! Jump onto the Space Castle Discord, and let us know what YOU thought about Quantumania!

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Support Indie!

Friends, it’s feeling more and more like we’re at a crossroads when it comes to things like the economy, the power corporations have over us, and how we can choose to spend our decreasing salaries as inflation and prices on virtually everything increase. So, what can be done? What can individuals do against such things? Well, let’s talk about it. [Insert that super dope intro you usually hear each week.] Welcome back to Space Castle, your clubhouse for all things […]

todayFebruary 22, 2023 17

New Podcast Episode

Worst Best Video Games!

This week, I take a look at what I consider to be the "worst best" video games. Games that sit atop many people's favorites or greatest of all time, but have some particular flaw or issue that keeps them from true "GOAT" status. We're talkin' Halo, Pokemon, The Last of Us Part I... yeah, that's right. I said it! Check out the episode HERE, and send your hate mail to - I can take the heat!

todayFebruary 22, 2023 2

New Podcast Episode

Books That Hit Different As An Adult

It's another episode of Space COVID! I'm still recovering from my latest bout of the plague, and I'm feeling sentimental! So, I'm taking a look at books I've re-read multiple times from the first time I read them, and how they change as I grow older and more mature. Or at least pretend to be older and more mature. Let's take a look at the impact that such books as Where the Wild Things Are, The Lord of the Rings […]

todayFebruary 8, 2023 7